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ATI – Tunisie Internet.

Innovative telecommunications service provider and clearest choice for voice and internet service.


Tunisia Internet Agency is a public enterprise with the legal form of a public limited company. Created in 1996 with the prerogative is the promotion and development of the Internet in Tunisia. The agency approached us in September 2019 to work on creating the new brand identity and design all the communication assets needed to promote it both online and offline. A new challenge started with signing a contract to develop a website that gives the intended visibility of the brand’s products and guarantees a better communication flow with its clients.


From strategy workshops, to defining user persona, setting up information architecture, and designing wireframes to pixel-perfect icons, we made sure that every step in the design process is followed diligently. The result is a user-friendly B2B design that acquires, retains and delights the brand’s users. While working on the development of the V1 we applied the Hick–Hyman law that says the more choices you give to your user, the lesser will be the chances for him to make a decision. By keeping the visual design elements lesser, we worked to increase the chances of user action on Tunisie Internet’s website by creating a unified call to action toward a direct appointment with the sales team. Still more to come on this website since we are working on a V2 where new features will be integrated.

Client : ATI – Tunisie Internet
Online :
Sector : Internet Company