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Samir Abdelli.

Business and Corporate lawyer & Tunisian Politician


Samir Abdelli; candidate at the 2014 presidential elections in Tunisia and the founder and managing partner of Abdelly & Associates since 1994, approached our team to develop a personal website and work on the SEO in order to better showcase the areas of expertise he is working on and the added value that can be brought to his partners.


In order to promote the work and vision of Mr Abdelli. District team worked on developing a website through a clear UI & UX design that highlights the areas of expertise in a fluid method to the users. During a tight timeline, the team was able to create a clear digital image and work on the SEO in research engines for a natural referencing. The website was then launched in both French and English to ensure an international reach since our partner has a multi-national range of clients.

Client : Samir Abdelli
Online :
Sector : Lawyer