Client since October 2017

Project info is a Tunisian online shop working on luxury brands sales mainly accessories since 2012. It is now one of the leading online stores in Tunisia

What we did distinctive value proposition is all about high-end fashion trends of accessories and it needed to boost its digital presence with a new, custom-designed ecommerce website that better reflected the brand. With a wide range of products, we had our work cut for us creating a site that made it easy for users to navigate all the incredible options offers. All of this was created around a creative graphic charter that gave the brand a clearer communication strategy that enhances its presence over social media.

The story

When District Agency started with in october 2017, the company had already an active website and social media accounts but it lacked visual identity. District’s team worked in collaboration with the management of the company to create a clearer graphic chart, a communication strategy and re-shaped the company’s website.