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Gym Core.

The leading Korean manufacturer of fitness equipment


Being on the market for more than 10 years, Gym Core is a Korean company based in Seoul. While having a vision to go international, the company needed to launch a new website for its brand and for the job they approached District Agency’s team in order to develop a user-friendly website with an advanced user experience that aligned with their goal. Gym Core team was under the pressure to launch their new website in the pandemic situation of 2020 and that in a tight timeline.


The collaboration was held fully online through which a creative UI & UX design was first presented in order to expose the customer journey through the website. After validation, the work was translated into an intuitive and responsive website that helps customers go through all available products and get in touch directly with different official vendors available in 5 different locations around the world.

Client : Gym Core
Online :
Sector : Gym industry