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Extreme Gaming.

A success story of which we are a part.


At the forefront of innovation, Extreme Gaming breaks boundaries with their unwavering dedication to PC gaming and Esports with a wide selection and personalized computers. They approached us in September 2019 to create a new brand in a matter of one month. The owner needed to create a brand identity, an e-commerce website and work on the interior design of the shop.


Extreme gaming brand identity was created as a raising phoenix in the computers retail market with a website and communication assets that revolves around the thematic of the gaming world. The website was developed to create a customer journey that facilitates the composition of a computer according to a personalized customer experience. Each computer had a completely thematic universe and a storyline that makes users dive into an experience of the brand identity.

Client : Eco’Lav
Online :
Sector : Laundry