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UX & Visual Design


UX & Visual Design.

We design digital products and services that customers want to use.

We design interfaces and processes, build ecosystems, improve customer journeys, help to increase sales and provide better customer service. We combine business and users’ needs to create digital products that earn money, are useful, engaging, nice and clean. We design websites and applications, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications.

UX / Product Design / Service Design.

Designing of new products usually includes the following UX activities:

  • Creation of product strategy and concept;
  • Definition of features and content;
  • Designing the structure (information architecture);
  • Designing the user interface, processes and interactions;
  • Wireframing and prototyping.

We also help in planning the design process, creation of innovations, we advise, consult and hold Design Sprint workshops.

Visual Design.

Our graphic design team responsible for:

  • Graphic design of a user’s interface;
  • Preparation of visual identification and branding for digital products;
  • Preparation of design systems and guidelines;
  • Motion Design.