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Universa Hub Africa


Universa Hub Africa.

Promoting the first blockchain provider in Africa.


Universa Platform is a new generation of blockchain technology. Universa Hub Africa is based in Tunisia to promote and sale universa products, services and licenses. Universa Hub Africa’s team approached us upon the launch of their office in Tunisia to work on creating a unified visual identity for communication. All through respecting the graphic charter already set by the head office in Russia, the team requested the creation of a multiple range of communication materials. Universa Hub Africa also needed a website that represents its values and work.


Being found of the Blockchain technology, the project was divided on two parts; communication visuals and content creation. The idea was to help promote the technology for Tunisia and Africa through an accessible content that reflects the influence of the technology on businesses, governments and people’s life. The website was developed in a way to reflect the assets and the tools that our client presents both nationally and internationally.

Client : Universa Hub Africa
Online : Facebook page
Sector : Blockchain provider