Client since September 2018


Project info

PRISMI is an Italian web-marketing company since 2012. It offers a wide range of web products for over 5000 businesses all across Italy.

What we did

District Digital Agency's work with them satrted in May 2018 through a collaboration targeting clients satisfaction. Our teams partenership has been crafting PRISMI's clients vision into digital reality. Our agency is mainly in charge of designing website layouts through briefs sent by the clients. For this partner, we are continuously working in making digital dreams come true through creativity and innovation.

The story

We took the project in February 2019 and it all started by setting the graphic charter of the brand and creating the needed stationeries. With the visual identity being clear, we developed with the managing team a strategic community plan to enhance its presence on social media. We also worked on developing a more user-friendly website with an advanced user experience that aligned with the newly created identity.