Client since March 2018

Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates

Project info

FES is Germany’s oldest foundation established in 1925 to promote the spirit of democracy and pluralism through offices around the world. One of their projects in Tunisia was YesZina; a mobile and web application created against sexual harassment.

What we did

After being again approached by the foundation in March 2018, our team was requested to crafted an interactive application and created the whole visual identity for the launching campaign. Our agency teamed with the foundation to ensure the success of the project through designing and developing a wireframe for a mobile and web application that ensures communication with sexual harassment victims in Tunisia.

The story

We took the project in February 2019 and it all started by setting the graphic charter of the brand and creating the needed stationeries. With the visual identity being clear, we developed with the managing team a strategic community plan to enhance its presence on social media. We also worked on developing a more user-friendly website with an advanced user experience that aligned with the newly created identity.