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Web development

MONRAÏ by Yasmine Bouabid



Designing beautiful jewelry uniquely is an inherent passion for Monrai


Monrai is a handmade jewelry and clothes brand launched in 2019 by the Tuniso-Italian actress Yasmine Bouabid. After the success in June 2020 of the dress “La dolce vita”, the brand owner decided to launch an Ecommerce website to facilitate the customers access to the new collections. The web site needed modern branding and a look that captured the hearts of their existing audience; so that is exactly what we created!


With a vision of creating rare pieces of art, Yasmine wanted to have an appealing website through which they can reflect her brand’s vision. Our first course of action was to understand the client’s requirements for their website. Then, we designed a user-friendly and responsive framework for the ‘Monrai’ website to draw maximum engagement. Lastly, we performed meticulous testing of the website ensuring a completely flawless website before delivering it to the client.

Client : MONRAÏ
Online : www.monrai.sotre
Sector : A brand of jewellery and clothing