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La Ruche-TIZ8

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La Ruche-TIZ8

The largest chain of ecologic laundry in Tunisia.


La Ruche association for active citizenship in Touzeur was founded in 2012 to actively work on promoting the participation of the citizens in the decision-making process. They approached us in late 2018 to develop a mobile application in 3 months that guarantees the fluidity of communication between the municipalities, citizens and the board of the organization in their city. All along, they requested the creation of 3 animations videos to promote the App in collaboration with the Tunisian artist Tawfik Omrane.


Both the development and the graphic team collaborated together to develop a wireframe that presents the flow of the user experience and all later was translated in code to generate a homogeneous UI & UX design. All in parallel, the motion animation team was working with Mr Omrane to create the promotional videos for the launch of the application. Each motion video came with a story-board linked to the functionalities available that the mobile application guarantees to its users.

Client : La Ruche
Sector : NGO