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Branding & Visual Identity


Branding & Visual Identity.

We are a digital marketing, graphic design & web development agency based in Tunisia.

We can help you to create a new brand from scratch or refresh an existing one. We can also help you to extend the already existing visual identity to new areas — we specialise in digital media.

We build new brands and products.

Digital branding is our speciality. We can design new digital product in its entirety, from visual identity, through UX and user interface, to visuals and marketing materials.

  • We have skills and experience in branding, creative campaigns, and digital product design under one roof.
  • We think about branding more broadly than your typical branding studio. We know that in digital the brand is also the interface, interaction, form and function, the product or service itself.
  • Working on the visual identity from the beginning we think how the brand will be presented in social media, on mobile, tablets and desktops.

We design visual identity systems, not only in digital.

They may consists of:

  • Logos, selection of colors and typefaces;
  • Key visuals;
  • Various print materials (business cards, brochures, posters, billboards, packaging, etc.);
  • Signage at buildings and on vehicles;
  • Materials for social media;
  • User interfaces for digital products (websites or apps).

Brandbooks, styleguides, design systems.

We create brandbooks and brand manuals — from scratch for new brands, or as an extension into new areas for brands which are already on the market:

  • Brand books;
  • Visual identity manuals;
  • Digital brand manuals and design systems for digital products.

How we work on branding?

  1. Workshop with we client — definition of strategy, target groups, brand’s personality, competitive positioning.
  2. Research and preparation of a few early concepts: creative idea, logo, typography, colors.
  3. Selection of the one concept for further development and preparation of final proposition.
  4. Design of the complete brand identity and preparation of brandbooks and manuals.
  5. Maintenance and development of visual identity and brand manuals if needed.